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When is Promise Day 2022

Promise Day Date - 11th of Feburary 2022

Promise Day falls on the fifth day among a series of days in the Valentine’s week Celebrated every year on 11th of February, people from all age groups, especially the younger lot keeps promises to each other. Promises are made by couples, youths, friends and lovers for remaining with each other for the whole life with love and affection on the Promise day in the Valentine’s week schedulePromise Day 2022 is on Friday, 11th of Feburary 2022 in the week of valentine.

How Promise Day is Celebrated

Promise Day is celebrated worldwide among several days in the Valentine week. Lovers and couples promise each other for remaining with each other in any circumstance whether good or bad. Promises made on this day are not only from the heart and true self but also helps in trusting their relationship and partner thereby making their relations more stronger. Love and trust are the great pillars for any relation to last long. Lovers gifts/exchange promise cards, memorable gifts and plan a dinner to make the day all the more special.

Coming on the day five in the Valentine week Day 2022Promise Day makes the relationship stronger when couples and friends make promises for staying with each other and loving for the whole life. This day of promise helps in bringing back the trust and love of any relation. Girls as well as boys remembers the promises made on this day and if any of them forgets any of these promises, the other person in the relation reminds him/her of the promises that they made, so it can also act as a deterrant for any relation and make it more happier and charming. The guys and the girls must keep in mind to make only those promises on the promise day 2022 that they will follow for the whole life, as breaking any such promises would result in hurting your partner's feelings. You need to follow promises with love and dedication.

Happy Promise Day SMS Messages for Whatsapp, Facebook

-Speaking Without Egos, Loving Without Intentions, Caring Without Expectations, I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always. Happy Promise Day
-I Must Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star, To Find A Friend As Nice As You Are. I Will Follow The Rainbow To The End, If You Promise To Remain My Friend !!! Happy Promise Day
-Friendship is a promise spoken by the heart is not given by plege, nor written…
-I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Only Promise That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone, Happy Promise Day 2022
-We met it was Luck! We Talked it was chance! We became friends it was destiny! We R still friends it is faith! We will always be friends it’s a promise! On this promise day this is for U. Happy promise day 2022
-Promise day is special promise to person, means make promise controller or promise driver of promise life because all relationship depends on promise transaction.
-You are as sweet as rose bud, you are bright as a star, you are cute as a kitten, thats’ what you are. you are everything for me Happy Promise Day 
-Happy Promise Day, wish have a good day today, Promises r di uniquely human way of ordering di future,, making it predict-able & reli-able, 2-the extent dat dis is humanly possible.
-I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me,  For This Is All I Can Do. It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This, You Be The Greatest Of You. Happy Promise Day!!!
-Love is the happiness of today,  and promise of tomorrow, so this warm note comes to you, to say that live life with a heart full of love Happy Promise Day 2022
-For a female, starting a new relationship holds a great importance, so before you make any move try and understand love is a lifetime commitment. Happy Promise Day to all lovers!

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Promise Day SMS Quotes

Promises Are The Gaurantees Of The True Relation
Promises Are Like Crying Babies In A Theater
They Should Be Carried Out At Once..

I Must Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star,
To Find A Friend As Nice As You Are.
I Will Follow The Rainbow To The End ,
If You Promise To Remain My Friend !!!
Happy Promise Day

This Promise Day. I Don't Promise You The Moon,
I Don't Promise You The Star, But If You Promise To Remember Me,
I Promise To Be Always There. Thinking Of You On This Promise Day.

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