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Date of Kiss Day - 13th Feb 2023

Kiss day is the sixth day in the Valentine’s week that comes just one day before the Valentine's day. Kiss day is celebrated every year on 13th of February by youngsters, mainly lovers, couples and friends. Kiss Day 2023 is on Monday,13th Feburary, 2023.

National Kiss Day/World Kiss Day

Date of National Kiss Day - 6th July 2023

International Kissing Day/National Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is on 6th July 2023. Do you know why there is National kissing day? The answer is as most of the people have forgotten these simple pleasures of life because of the fast life that everbody is facing and stress levels are continously rising. So, just for the sake of kissing and not merely a social formality, a National kissing day has been chosen.

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