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Romantic April Fool Sms For Girlfriend 2020

Romantic April Fool Sms For Girlfriend, April Fool 2020 Sms To Girlfriend/Boyfriend

April Fool Sms Message
Julfo Me Foolo Ko Saja Ke Aayi Hai,
Chehare Se Dupatta Utha Ke Aayi Hai,
Kisi Ne Puchha Aaj Badi Khubsurat Lag Rahi Hai,
Mane Kaha Shayad Aaj Naha Ke Aayi Hai.

April Fool Sms New Quote
A Common Mistake That People Make When Trying To Design Something Completely Foolproof Is To Underestimate The Ingenuity Of Complete Fools. - Douglas Adams

April Fool Nice Sms
Hey Get Ready, My Marriage Is Fixed.
Its On 1st Of April. Surprised?
Stupid, 1st April Is April Fool, And U R The 1st Person Whom I Fooled.

One Line April Fool Sms Quote
It Is The Ability To Take A Joke, Not Make One, That Proves You Have A Sense Of Humor. - Max Eastman

April Fool Sms Pranks Quotes
The Constitution Gives Every American The Right To Make A Damn Fool Of Himself. - John Ciardi

April Fool Sms Quotes
We’re Fools Whether We Dance Or Not, So We Might As Well Dance.

April Fool Good Night Sms
When Ur Life Is In Darkness Pray 2 God Ask Him 2 Free U 4rm Darkness &
After If U Pray &Ur Still In Darkness,
Pls Pay Ur Electricity Bill

April Fool Romantic Sms
Your Girlfriend Is:
In Short She Is Your S.I.S.T.E.R.

April Fool Sms Shayari
A Fellow Who Is Always Declaring He’s No Fool, Usually Has His Suspicions.

Romantic April Fool Sms For Girlfriend
Hey U Know Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl?
April 1
U Know Why??
If She Accept Its Your Luck
Otherwise Just Tell April Foooooll

April Fool Sms Share On Fb Funny
If People Says You Are Crazy, Be Patiend.
If They Say You Are Monkey, Relax.
If They Say You Are Stupid, Be Cool
But If They Say You Are Smart, Then Slap That Stupid.

Funny Romantic April Fool Sms
Humpe Mar K Munni Badnam Ho Gai
Humpe Mar K Muni Badnaam Ho Gai…
Akele Ho Gye The Munni K Bina,
Ye Acha Hua Kambkht Sheela Time Pe Jawan Ho Gai.

April Fool Special Sms 2020
Plz Go To Creat Message
Then Open T9 On Dictanary Option
Then Type This Number & See The Magic

April Fool Sms To Girlfriend/Boyfriend
N\Z A” ”X A %E
Gdx|”R”A. *@ $H #N Ey Ckc7&A8s”3!,}
 Hs E:L P1r#H4`
)K 6 |,` C&/?\D”R”R”7pq”Qpk# Zm
   ,Cv @ ) Jfll  Ld V4 Ky.Aldrmhq.
Kia Padh Rahe Ho? Mein To April Fool Bana Raha Tha..:)

April Fool Sms To Friends
Some Things Are Made For Each Other. For Example:
Shoe & Socks;
Soap & Water;
Paper & Pen;
I & Your Girlfriend.
Happy April Fool 2020!

April Fool Sms To Lover
Phulon Se Khoobsurat Koi Nahi.
Sagar Se Gahara Koi Nahi.
Aab Aapki Kya Tarif Karu...
Dost Me Aap Jaisa...
Nalayak Koi Nahi!

April Fool Sms To Boyfriend
Hey U Know Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl?
April 1
U Know Why??
If She Accept Its Your Luck Otherwise Just Tell April Foooooll

Very Funny April Fool Sms
Kid On 1st April:
Bedroom Me Naukar, Naukrani Ko Dekh Raha Hai
Mummy: Abhi Dimag Theek Karti Hu Uska.
Kid: April Fool Woh To Papa Hain

April Fool Sms To Wife
Aisa Dostana Hamara,
Mai Kashti Tu Kinara,
Mai Dhanush Tu Teer,
Mai Matar Tu Paneer,
Mai Varsha Tu Badal,
Mai Rajma Tu Chawal,
Mai Hot Tu Cool,
Mai April Tu....?

Yes……. Fool!

April Fool Sms To Sister
Everything Has A Day…
Every Pet Has A Day…
Every Fool Too Has A Day!
Hope You Might Have Enjoyed Your Day!
Happy April Day

April Fool Sms Text Messages
Aaj Kal..Har Pal
Har Waqt..
Din Bhar..
Mujhe Rehta Hai..
Bas Tera Hi Khayaal..
Kyonke Aane Wala Hai
April Fool..
Aur Banana Hai Tumko
April Fool.

April Fool Sms Wishes
Aisa Hai Dostana Hamara,
Main Khisti Tu Kinara ,
Main Matar Tu Paneer ,
Main Barish Tu Badal ,
Main Rajma Tu Chawal,
Main Hot Tu Cool ,
Mai April Tu Fool

April Fool I Love U Sms
Honton Se Jo Choo Liya,
Ehsaas Ab Tak Hai,
Aankhe Nam Hain, Aur Sanson Main Aag Ab Tak Hai
Aur Kyon Na Ho… Khai Bhi To 'Hari Mirchi' Hai :)

1st April Fool Sms In Urdu
Tu Thi Paas Tab Tha Ek Bahana Jeene Ka,
Ab Tu Nahi To Is Jeendegi Ko Bhi Khair Jeena Kya!
Ab To Teri Yadon Mein Hi Hai Mashgul Hum,..
Khair Woh Baat Alag Ki Har Lamho Mein Bante Hai April Fool Hum
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