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Happy Pongal Wishes 2021

Happy Pongal Wishes 2021, Pongal Sms Wishes In English

Happy Pongal Wishes
May Prosperity and happiness flourish in your lives throughout the year as you celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal .Happy Prosperous Pongal

Pongal Sms Wishes
Red sugar cane and saffron aplenty,
Flood of happiness to sweep our country.
Rise, rise milk rice – bring smile
to the face of the poor, so rise milk rice.

Pongal Sms Wishes In English 2021
Intelligence, happiness, success, purity, good resulted works, let all these be yours in your life, Let this Pongal brings abundant joy to your life,
Happy Pongal!

Pongal Sms Wish For Facebook, Whatsapp
With Great Devotion,
Fervor and Gaiety
With Rays of Joy and Hope,
Wish You and Your Family.
Wish you a very Happy pongal 2021

Pongal Sms Download
Pot Rice to Sun God Sugarcane to cow and ox Sweet rise to you and me Good milk to friends and family Happy Pongal

Pongal Wishes Messages
Lets wake up,
Lets we all prepare for the pongal,
All member of family be there…
And say..Pongal O Pongala together..
Its day of God Sun, day to worship him
And day to see the miracle…
The virtue of God Sun,
His rays those are spectacle…
Happy Pongal to you………

Pongal Wishes Sms
Have this year's 1st festival bring happiness in your life.
Wish you & your family a very Happy Pongal.

Happy Pongal Wishes Sms
May the Festival of Pongal usher in Goodwill, Health and Wealth. Happy Pongal!

Happy Pongal Wishes In English
Hope this festival marks the beginning of a harvest season, that is happy and cheerful and one which brings with it good luck and prosperity for always. Greetings on Pongal

Happy Pongal Sms Greetings
Heres a wish coming from heart
Nothing should make us part
Sending you Pongal wishes in a bullock cart
May God give you success in all your art
Happy Pongal

Pongal Sms Wishes 2021
Lets meet the family,
Be together on the special day,
Homage for elders ,
token money for youngers today !
Its Kaanum Pongal,
Joy happiness, fun along with
Sarkarai pongal..
All we say!
Happy Pongal all the Way!
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