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Valentines Quotes for Her 2023

Valentines Quotes for Her 2023

Are you looking for some cute, sweet and romantic quotes and sayings for her, she could be your mother, girlfriend, sister, spouse, daughter or friend. You must make a point to wish your female friends this valentine day as females enjoy attention and appreciation to a great extent. The following Valentines Quotes for Her will make her day cheerful and more brighter as these are not just quotes but a token of their love. Wish you all a Happy Valentine's day.

I realized that you never marry someone you can live with - you marry someone, you can never live without.

You have made me realize that when love is not madness, it is not love.

Guys cannot understand love the way girls do. They are not into Bronte or Austen. But when it comes to action, guys are great at that. They can do a good job taking care of the girl they love.

It was right I realized that love is not just gazing at each other, but gazing outwards together in the same direction.

You have made me realize that a hundred hearts would be too few, to carry my love just for you.

You are a guiding light in my life that takes me to the place where I feel completely at peace, at home, and in love with what I have become.

I realized soon after marriage that love is intoxicating and marriage is the hangover, but I do enjoy it too.

When you weren't there, my life was great
I Felt I'd seen every hue
But, then you came along, making me realize
There is more to life than I knew

The irony of my life is that I never knew how to worship until I learnt how to love.

I thought I would defy that true love is like ghosts that everybody talked  about, but few had seen, for I really love you.

When I loved, I discovered myself in you, and was delighted in recognizing it.

Tick tock, I hear the watch,
It makes the sound of my heart,
As you walk down towards me,
My face brightens like a tart!

The best prescription for love is to love and learn to love more and more, and I realized it in you.

I learnt that love was a Win-Win association, it benefited the one who loved and the one loved, so I really love you.

More Valentines Quotes for Her

I love you, these three words are the beginning of the million things that I feel for you.

My love, seeing your eyes light up when you look at me is one of the most rewarding sights of my life.

Did you say love never lived? Then I am sorry to say we never lived at all.

When I grew close to you, I realized that I also could not find where I ended and you began.

A do you see each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and still more in the morrow.

Ah! Dear lady when I gave my heart to thee, it sure passed thy lifelong regency.

If I could reach up to hold a star, each time you made me smile, I promise you the entire evening sky would be in my palm.

I thought it was better to have loved and lost than not loved at all, but I have won all along loving you.

It is an irony that women fall in love in the presence of a man, while most men fall in love in the absence of a woman.

My love life taught me, it is not expecting what you want, but only what you expect in giving, as I have grew richer that way.

Once I learnt to love you in yourself, I realized twisting you only meant loving the reflection of myself.

You say my name differently because we love each other and I am assured it is safe in your mouth.

I wish you live a 100, and I live a 100-1 day, as I can never live without your love one day.
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